• Dribbling - 3 sessions looking at developing dribbling skills in realistic tight areas encouraging close control, feinting/dummies, change of pace and acceleration
  • Turning - 3 sessions developing turning situations in tight areas with no touch turns, 1 touch turns & multiple touch turns
  • Close Range Shooting - 3 sessions looking at basic shooting, dribbling to create shooting opportunities, clever shooting & quick adjustments (reaction) shooting from various different angles
  • Robin Hood - Fun running with the ball session, plenty of turning, dribbling and competition
  • Round the Clock - Passing, control, dribbling & turning drill with plenty of various movement off the ball
  • Target - Developing possession drill involving passing, receiving, turning, dribbling, running with the ball & defending
  • See it Do it - Running with the ball session in overloaded situations i.e. 8v4/9v4, so ideal for odd numbers
  • Traffic Lights - Simple dribbling drill involving plenty of touches of the ball, turns & spacial awareness
  • Waves - Fun end to end shooting & session involving teams of 3 to pass, dribble, time runs and shoot
  • Diamonds are Forever - Covers both short & long range shooting along with passing & support play

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